Friday, October 29, 2010

Tampopo Ramen @ Liang Court

It was a hungry Friday evening as we are craving to have some Ramen for dinner. We headed down to Liang Court to try out the famous Tampopo Ramen many people is talking about. There was a crowd outside the restaurant and we need to take a queue number. Luckily it wasn't a long wait and we can finally settle down to satisfy our hungry tummy.

 Black Pig Shabu with Pork bone soup. It was known that the soup was being boiled for 2 days to make it rich in taste. I find it quite tasty especially with the assorted chilli which enhance the taste a little. Not to forget, the black pig Tonkatsu in it is good and tender.

 Kyushu style noodles were used which is smooth, springy, thin and easy for consume.

 Hokodate Shio Ramen with Pork bone and Seafood soup, you get to taste the combination of 2 different flavours. Flavourful but will taste even better with some assorted chilli and few drops of chilli oil (my preference haha). The Char Siew is also quite chewy and nice.

They used yellow noodles for the Hokodate ramen which resemble the 'mee kia' (thin yellow noodles) at some bak chor mee stall. Relatively, I still prefer Kyushu style.

 Char Siew

 This is my favourite side dish! Roast Wagyu Beef steak where the outer skin was grilled until golden brown and inside was so tender and juicy. It may be a little oily though but who cares! Yummy!

 Sorry I enjoy too much till I kind of forgotten the exact name of this dish. Wagyu Beef? But the beef image is easy to recognize hehe.

Some of their seasonings.

177 River Valley Road
Liang Court Shopping Centre, #B1-50
Telephone: 6338-3186



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